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Security Solutions for Retail Segment

The retail area is one of criminal activity with a permanent presence. Criminal phenomenon (growing lately) brings significant damage to retail networks, which affects the profitability of the business. Securitas always meets its clients and adapts the security solution to their specific needs.

Securitas zajistí ochranu obchodů a obchodních centrem moderními technologiemi.

Solutions for Retail

We have the proper solutions to enable significant losses reduction of retailers. Our specialized services ensure a proper environment for buyers. Securitas offers a complete package of security services.In the retail segment, in addition to human security services we also provide monitoring services, intervention and patrol.

What can you do for the safety of your business?

As a responsible business owner you look to protect your people and your stock, but to what extent and how? Extra staff in store can help to deter would-be opportunist shoplifters but can you justify the cost? An extra member of staff to cover for breaks would be welcome but again, this proves costly and can be difficult to recruit for. Our security officers will be there for your needs, to protect your business and your employees. They will provide qualifed services and rapid response to any activated alarms. In this way, we can reassure staff and act as a visible deterrent to retail crime.

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