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Security Solutions

Our Security Solutions Include a High Degree of Advanced Technology Content

Securitas serves a wide range of customers of all sizes in a variety of industries and customer segments. Security solutions based on customer-specific needs are built through different combinations of on-site, mobile and remote guarding, electronic security, fire and safety and corporate risk management.

Managed by Securitas

We deliver added value by investing in technology installed at the customer's site. This means that we take full responsibility for technology investments, on-site installation and maintenance of security equipment. By investing in our customers’ security, we ensure quality throughout the contract period, competitiveness in terms of price, and added value through security equipment.

Flexible solutions

To ensure that our customers receive the right security solution for their specific needs, Securitas conducts a thorough initial analysis of their situation and requirements. Our experience and ability to draw best practice for security management mean that our customers are presented with appropriate security alternatives.

Our security solutions are flexible, enabling us to work with many different technology suppliers. To ensure high quality, we have general agreements with some of the world's leading suppliers of cameras and other security technology.

Single point of contact

To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we offer a single point of contact for the customer's whole security solution through the Security Operation Center. The operators working here are experts in quickly addressing different problems and solving them in accordance with our customers' requests.

Securitas Operation Centers

Securitas Operation Centers (SOC) play a key role in providing high-performance security. From here, our security services and solutions are managed and controlled. At the SOC, people and technology are combined through established processes and protocols, coordinating customer security and service. Data about all incidents that occur and security services provided are directed through our SOC and managed by trained professionals. Our operators are experts in quickly addressing problems and solving them according to protocols and customer requests.

The combination of a single point of contact and high density of security officers ensures immediate attention and action. The information gathered in our SOC is used to take the correct action at all times, giving our customers high-quality security around the clock. Improved analytics, analysis and customer reports are also facilitated by our SOC.

Effective prevention

The daily reports from our security officers, give us access to valuable data from a wide range of assignments. By combining our analysis of historical data with real-time information from various forms of electronic monitoring, such as cameras, sensors and automatic face recognition, we can proactively stop theft and damage, and fires and other dangerous incidents can be prevented before they occur. 

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