Securitas in the world

Making your world a safer place is our mission. Every day, we protect thousands of customers around the world. A small business or a large company, YOU matter!

Securitas je lídr na globálním trhu bezpečnosti. Působí napříč pěti kontinenty ve více než 50ti zemích.

We provide a wide range of customers in a variety of industries and customer segments. The size of the customers varies from the "shop on the corner" to global multi-billion industries.

Our security services include: 

Specialized guarding

Level Security Solutions business, such as those for banks and financial institutions, retail, services, industrial, medical, aviation, public services and special events.

Solutions and services are customized for each situation objectively and based on individual customer needs and requirements.Security agents trained and specialized, provided as a service tailored to the area and location of each client.

Intervention and patrol

With our specialized intervention and patrol hold the key to protecting property and assets, to provide an environment as safe. Know, together with our clients, the importance of security, stability and continuity of their business. 


Securitas is a specialist in creating, promoting and delivering services and alarm monitoring to all current and potential customers.

Security consulting

We offer our specialized consulting and evaluation services in the security field.


Securitas offers its customers on demand, and escort services. Services are made with machines and personnel, with specific equipment for positioning, communication and intervention. 

Consulting, Investigation and cash management

Securitas provides consulting services and investigations company through Pinkerton.

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