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The Values of Securitas

Securitas three fundamental values are: Integrity, Vigilance, Helpfulness. They guide our employees in the foundation trust of clients, colleagues and community.


A Securitas employee is honest, for this reason are confident and can work without being supervised in goals and customer values. Securitas is not never compromise in terms of its requirements related to integrity. Integrity also includes naturally hearing opinions, reporting irregularities, without any information is omitted.


Vigilance requires observation and assessment information. A Securitas employee is always dedicated and observed, usually situations that others do not notice. Vigilance is needed to staff an awareness of potential risks or incidents that may occur in the objectives of our clients.


When needed, a Securitas employee will provide assistance, even if the situation does not involve him directly or not within its job. As part of the effort to maintain an appearance of normality, a Securitas employee will always involve providing assistance in the event of an incident whose solution requires intervention.

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