Track & Trace Service

We are a provider of technical services and solutions of monitoring vehicles, goods and people to reduce crime and enhance the safety of people.

Protects your valuable people, resources and vehicles

How safe are your people when working, and would they be able to raise the alarm in an emergency? How do you ensure assets are monitored effectively and protected from theft? Do you know where your vehicles are in real time?

Track & Trace

Securitas Romania provides the following services:


  • Devices Technology

    Devices Technology-based GPS / GSM / GPRS for tracking vehicles and people

  • Non-stop monitoring

    Monitoring station 24/24 hours, 365 days / year

  • Location

    Location of vehicles and people

  • Alarms

    Checking alarms

  • Stolen vehicle tracking

    Immobilization from distance

  • Panic button for emergency situations;

    Access to the latest technology

  • Protection

    Protection of isolated workers

  • Reporting

    Highly trained, remote operations teams ready to pick up and respond to alerts

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