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Fire and Safety Services

Fire is one of the biggest safety risks to your entire business operations. Do you understand the risks, and if the worst happened today, are you prepared?

We provide to our clients complete services to prevent and reduce the risks of fire, ensuring operational intervention for limiting and fire-fighting, evacuation, saving and protection of persons, goods and protection of the environment against the effects caused by the fire emergency situations.

Within this specialized service, Securitas Romania can offer you:

  • Consulting services
  • Planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling the prevention and fire fighting activity
  • The private service for emergency situations in the areas of competence
  • Providing proper equipment for the activity of fire prevention
  • Projecting, executing, checking, maintaining and service for the alarm, detection systems
  • Maintenance activity of technical measurements for fire protection
  • Private services for emergency situations

The consulting services that we offer you include solutions for problems occurred in your site, regulations for escape situations of national emergency, permanent availability for the customer from the specialists team as well as an appreciation of all the technical aspects.

Because the time dedicated to your business is very important, we offer the possibility of mediation and relationship with the competent authorities in the field. Securitas specialists team may be responsible for providing specialised and qualified staff and also for  providing necessary technical equipment.

Regarding the planning services , organizing, monitoring and control, Securitas offers you the opportunity to provide these complex services with qualified and competent personnel in the field.

Through this specialized structure, your business and employees are protected and secure thanks to our specialists team.

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Be prepared!

Remember: Don’t leave fire safety to chance. Starting with a risk assessment, Securitas provides a wide range of Fire & Safety services. We provide a full break down of your fire risk and advise if your business is meeting its legal duty of care to employees.

  • Securitas provides a range of solutions to tackle the fire risk faced by your business.
  • We help businesses meet their legal duty of care to employees including on-site fire safety requirements and business continuity planning.
  • We combine practical hands-on training with technology-based solutions to save you time and money, with no compromise on quality of training.

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