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Remote Video Services

From now one, you do not have to worry about your security, leave that to us! We take our entire responsibility for your security needs. An expert team in designing security systems, alarms monitoring and terrestrial patrol strategy, will ensure that the integrated solution that we provide meets your expectations.

When you benefit of a remote video solutions managed by Securitas, we act over the problems in real time, preventing the incidents before it happen. Combining modern technology with the expertise in security creates efficiency. With each security element acting as a whole, we are able to ensure 24/7 security in weak areas within your locations in a precise way and through quick intervention.

Cutting edge cameras and software create real-time security that prevents incidents, optimizes security officers’ time and reduces costs.

The solution is built upon an open platform, is scalable and results in significantly fewer false alarms.
Remote video solutions cover:

• Remote alarm verification
• Remote entry/exit management
• Remote escorts
• Remote patrolling
• Remote perimeter protection
• Business intelligence applications, and more

Managed end-to-end by Securitas.

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How it works: detect & respond

  • High Definition (HD) security cameras provide coverage of critical areas.
  • The network of cameras and other sensors is connected to the SOC.
  • Potential threats are identified by cameras and analysed based on predefined criteria.
  • When necessary, an operator within the SOC is alerted and takes action to manage the threat.

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