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Thanks to MySecuritas remote services, you can manage your alarm system yourself, via smartphone, app or computer. Access real-time or historical information about the status of your alarm and more.

Use MySecuritas to manage security services for your alarm systems.

  • Receive notifications when an alarm goes off at a location and check the alarm status;
  • You can cancel a false alarm before the Securitas Operations Centre processes the alarm;
  • You can change contact information by adding people to the call list and set permission levels;
  • You can make changes to your system's arming/disarming schedule yourself, up to 7 days in advance;
  • You can activate test mode during maintenance work on your alarm system.

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We make security easy: video

Find out in the video how you can have 24/7 control of your alarm system thanks to MySecuritas Remote Services.

  • Manage alarm systems much more efficiently and in real time
  • Full control over the different locations
  • Constant overview of the alarm status of the objects
  • Time saving: MySecuritas is a very clear and user-friendly app and changes can be made with one click, no sending of e-mails, phone calls, reminders, etc.

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