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Securitas Romania

The world leader in security services, Securitas AB, officially launched operations in Romania, through its local company Securitas Security Services and aims to first position on the Romanian profile.

In May 2007 Securitas AB is buying 55% of the shares from CPI Security Group, forming Securitas Security Services and then in July 2008 to became Securitas Services Romania.

2009 represents the year in which Securitas AB is the sole shareholder Securitas Services Romania.The company has the headquarter in Bucharest, 11 branches and over 4000 employees.

Brief History

1994  International CPI Security - begins operation with guarding services

1996  Mondo Sprint - starts its operation with installation services, service monitoring and security systems 

2001  CPI Security Group - begin providing training and consulting services security

2005  as a result of reorganization, security services are transferred to the ICC Security Group 

2006  as a result of reorganization, the services of security are transferred to the ICC Security Group 

2007  May - Securitas AB acquires 55% stake in CPI Security Group 

2007  July - Company name is changed to Securitas Security Services

2007 July - Securitas establishes a new company, strictly specialized in Fire services, currently Securitas Fire & Safety Services, approved as a Private Service for Emergency Situations, according to the latest regulations in the field

2008  July - New name - Romania Securitas Services

2009  January - Securitas AB Securitas Services is the sole shareholder of Romania

2010 December - Securitas Romania becomes unique shareholder of Cobra Security

2011 December - The name of Cobra Security is changed to Securitas Services Solutions

2017 May - Securitas Romania celebrates 10 years of activity on the Romanian market