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Multi-temperature monitoring solution

A common symptom of Covid 19 and other viral infections is a raised temperature. As people return to work, after relaxing the restrictions, a no-contact thermal approach to checking their temperature will help your business identify those who are unwell.

Sicherheit für den Einzelhandel in Corona-Zeiten

Dynamic detection

With our thermal imaging cameras in place, the body temperature of staff and visitors can be routinely checked on arrival and action taken if necessary. The thermal cameras can be set up at the entrance to your premises. As people approach the camera, the visual and thermal technology can give an accurate temperate reading for each individual within a matter of seconds.

  • Analyse up to 30 people at once, without impeding pedestrian flow.
  • Achieve accurate temperature readings with a tolerance of just ± 0.3oC.
  • Contactless operation from up to three metres away.
  • Easy to set up and remove.