What private security employees need most

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The industry of private security can often be problematic when we refer to security personnel. Most of security services providers are facing a high turnover due to reasons more or less known.

Securitas Romania has tried to solve this problem by identifying some of the reasons behind the high turnover of security personnel.  To develop the communication with the employees, to better know the internal environment and to identify the reasons for which the personnel retention is low on private security domain, a research among 155 security officers of 650 was made within Securitas Romania, in Bucharest.  For a proper research, the followings conditions were taken into account:
• respondents are from all age categories existent within the company
• subjects are both male and women
• respondents belong to all available functions at operational level

At first questions, the respondents had the possibility to choose from a group of 4 needs satisfied within the company, the ones that bring them highest degree of satisfaction/not satisfaction. So, due to questioning the employees, we have identified the fact that work environment through managers attitude (33%) occupies first place among the needs that company satisfies, followed by colleagues’ attitude (32%) and work conditions (31%). Financial benefits were not taken into account by the respondents, but 4% considered that paying the wage at time is one of the needs that Securitas Romania satisfies the most.

The activity at work place and respecting the optimal conditions were aspects approached within another question, structured so it can offer to the respondents the possibility to place the agreement grade in accordance with some information, on a scale of totally agreement to totally disagreement. 

The employees developed a good impression regarding the general aspects of the work activity and of the work climate, 23% saying that there is someone at work encouraging professional developing, 29% have trust in company’s management and 32% consider that people communicate in an open way no matter the position they have within the company.

As a main conclusion of this research regarding the employees’ satisfaction is related most to the relations they have with coworkers, direct supervisor and to the fact that wages are being paid at time. Professional stability remains one of the key element in personnel retention, and in employees opinion, we can notice that this stability is felt not just financially, but also from people relationships point of view and professional environment in which these relationships are possible.