Securitas security guard

Securitas, partner at the event "Creative Sweden" 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For the third year, Securitas is the protector of creativity, within the festival “Creative Sweden”. This event includes several artistic activities, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and movies screenings, all in the name of education, civic and innovative spirit. All these are values that Securitas cherishes and protects all the time.

Securitas will ensure a proper evolution of the festival, for over 800 people that will be present at each event.

We are honored that we can support, through our activity, the evolution of such an important event for promoting values in which we also believe.
Securitas supports innovation and creativity in any form and “Creative Sweden” is a clear manifestation of those values. Creativity involves generating new ideas and innovation involves implementing these ideas. We believe that both are related in the process of providing protective solutions of high standards. Due to this, we constantly invest in high tech and we are looking for innovative ways of efficiency for the security services provided by us.” – Dragos Maracine (Country President, Securitas Romania).

Securitas provides services and high tech like:

Monitoring alarm systems
Securitas operators are always in alert and prepared to intervene in case of incident. We ensure monitoring 24/24, check alarm systems and act without any delay.
Securitas ensures monitoring for mobile objects through newest global GPS technology
Remote video surveillance
Remote video surveillance involves innovative surveillance solutions, cameras and high tech software which ensure transmitting in real time the images, avoid incidents and optimize time reacting.