Securitas has moved to a new headquarter in Bucharest

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Starting with November 23, Securitas Romania has changed its headquarter from Pipera to a new one in Baneasa in first district. 

The changing project of the new headquarter  was developed over a long period of time and assumed involvement and consecvence from Securitas employees in finding, planning and arranging a proper space in accordance with Securitas AB image conditions.

After long searches, a location has been found that could meet our requirements.The space from Baneasa is modern and has a conference room, an interview room in which our potential employees can feel comfortable during the interviews, large offices and arranged in such way that can offer a feeling of familiarity, a silent box for privacy.

The Securitas Romania dispatch is placed within the headquarter and has high tech equipments that represent tha foundation of monitoring and intervention services. Important steps were made in implementing Securitas Operational Centre which ensures monitoring, remote video service, track and trace service both for vehicles and for persons, support services and remote maintenance of the equipments.

The new headquarter incorporates high tech equipments and has the necesarry facilities to offer a proper environment for our employees and visitors.

Securitas Romania can be found in Baneasa area, Sos. Bucharest-Ploiesti no 42-44, first district.