Securitas at the event "Creative Sweden"

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For the second year, Securitas Romania has participated as partner at the event known as “Creative Sweden” which took place in Herastrau, on June 5-7.

The Embassy of Sweden, with the help of Green Revolution Association, has organized for three days the second edition of the event “Creative Sweden”. Securitas Romania had a dedicated team for this event to make sure that the event will run in safety condition.

An event organized in opened space and with free entrance requires vigilance and high attention from security agents. The security agents of Securitas have taken care for three days of the event, and made sure the spectators can enjoy the show and also were in charge of the goods within the area.

Through “Creative Sweden” were brought to public attention the culture, tradition and Swedish music.  Among the activities of this event, we could find music of quality with the Romanian artist, Smiley, Creative Sweden cross, free speedometers, demonstrations of cooking, painting workshops of Dalahäst horse, recycling workshops and many other activities meant to reflect the creativity and environment care, promoted values by Sweden society.

Securitas Romania made sure that all the activities could represent a quality time spent with friends and family, that being the main purpose of the entire event.