Securitas security guards

10 Years of Securitas in Romania

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ten years ago, with lots of energy and enthusiasm, we set out to embark on a new road in security industry. Together, we continue to give people the security that they need at the highest standards. SECURITAS, always with you!

From the beginning, 10 years ago, we promised to revitalize the Romanian security market. We have created innovative solutions and made the transition from traditional to digital. Being part of a team dedicated to quality, we have managed to become the leaders of change in the security market. We are not going to stop here, we will constantly respond to the needs of our customers.

We celebrated this event  at the Embassy of Sweden. Thank you to all of you who have joined us in these 10 years and, last but not least, the Ambassador of Sweden, Anneli Lindahl Kenny.

For as many years together!

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