Mihaela Pondiche

Behind the words Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness there is a person that daily attributes these values and who manage to highlight our true asset, our employees. We are better due to their constantly efforts through which they keep the key to our client’s trust. They are the ones that manage to offer to our customers a peaceful mind, knowing that their businesses are in safety with us.

Retail segment is known as a vulnerable one when it comes about the goods` safety and requires vigilant people, intuitive and with a strong sense of responsibility, to avoid any incident and Securitas Romania has these people. Among them there is Mihaela Pondiche, employed within Baumax Constanta as a shift supervisor and who managed through vigilance, intuition, perseverance and involvement to avoid major damages and to bring her contribution to improving the security activity within the store.She repeatedly surprised persons that were trying to steal or just following her intuition has done several controls and has recovered valuable products.