Claudiu Marius Pop

Any Securitas Romania employee must have our three fundamental values. When integrity, vigilance and helpfulness constantly concretizes in results it means performance both for us and especially for our customers.

Pop Claudiu-Marius has learned in his last five years within Securitas that beyond the effort to accomplish the duties, some qualities are needed to make the difference. The key of our customers trust is in every employee and the care for our clients is reflected in the attitude of our employees when they face all the challenges. 
For Pop Claudiu-Marius each challenge meant a reason to prove that he is an important component of Securitas Romania. And due to the adding value that he brought through his activity, he was the one that made the difference on 2012.
Monthly results within Baumax and avoiding the incidents that could damage the image and goods of our customer were possible by correctly applying the procedures and by having professional, ethical and moral qualities.