Securitas security guards

The History of Securitas in the world

In the beginning of the 1900’s, private security companies became increasingly common. The services that these companies offered were primarily keeping watch for fires and guarding entrances and gates. Today, security solutions are designed to meet specialized customer demands and the industry is led by a few international focused security companies – among them Securitas.


Erik Philip-Sörensen founds Hälsingborgs Nattvakt in Helsingborg, Sweden. It quickly expands as Sörensen acquires a number of other security companies in southern Sweden.


Securitas Alarm is founded in Sweden to meet the demand for alarm technology as a complement to the guarding services.


All companies owned by Erik Philip-Sörensen are gathered under the collective name Securitas. The logotype of three red dots – for Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness – quickly becomes a well-known symbol, first in Sweden, then internationally.


Securitas is divided between Sörensen's two sons. The international operations later develops into todays Group 4 Securicor, while the Swedish business becomes Securitas.


As of January 1, 2007, Securitas is organized in Security Services North America (USA, Canada, Mexico and Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations), Security Services Europe, Mobile and Alert Services. Plans are set for Loomis, our cash handling services company, to go public in late 2008.


In 2011 we made 19 major acquisitions that included 24,900 employees with total annual sales of MSEK 4,500.


In October in 2012, we started a restructuring project and cost-savings program in all divisions, in order to improve our operating income while at the same time making investments in technology.


In 2014 we have continued the work to integrate on-site, remote and mobile guarding services with technology solutions to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction through cost-efficiency and added value. Securitas is well prepared to accelerate the security solutions process.